The Nursery...
The nursery supplies a large range of plants, many of which can be seen growing as mature specimens in the main gardens. Plants are grown either from seeds which are collected from our own gardens here, or by division which ensures that all the plants are identical. For a variety of reasons, numerous plants are exclusive to Plant World.

Over the years several expeditions have travelled to different parts of the world, including Mexico, Chile and the Russian Island of Sakhalin, to collect seeds which have been grown on to produce new and exciting plants. In addition, the proprietor Ray Brown has actively pursued a breeding policy with many plant families, which has led to more than a hundred brand new varieties. Amongst many others are included hardy geraniums, aquilegias, dieramas, erysimums and primulas. Some of the rarer and more unusual plants we offer are many species of echiums, unusual cacti, and a wide selection of unusual trees and shrubs, many which do especially well in the mild climate of the west country